In recent years, angels have become more than just an ornament on a Christmas tree. They have appeared on the covers of Time, Newsweek and numerous other magazines. Some New Age music is developed from spirit or so-called angelic contact. Now there are angel magazines, crystals, shirts, stuffed angels, tea sets, key chains, earrings and jewelry with angels on them. You can go to your local religious demonic bookstore and buy a miniature pewter angel to keep in your pocket to remind yourself of the lie that you have a guardian angel hovering around you to protect you from the demonic little mosquitoes that are 'out to suck your spiritual blood.'

There are over 200 books on angels, the majority written from non-Christians such as One Hundred Ways to Attract Angels. There are also numerous Christian books on encounters with angels such as The Rustle of Angels and a Life Guide Bible Study Curriculum on Angels. Christian (Religious Dens' of Thieves) bookstores carry titles such as All the Angels of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer, Angels Elect and Evil by Fred Dickason, Angels God Secret Agents by Billy Graham and Angels Among Us by Ron Rhodes. Recently NBC aired a special on angels in which approximately 17,000 people requested this program on video. Over 2,000 web sites on the Internet are angel related.

Angelic activity is becoming a primary theme in movies and TV programs. There are Angel websites, Angel Times newspaper and even angel seminars for those who are wanting to learn how to contact their own 'guardian angels.'

Are there Guardian Angels?

Does that angel on the Christmas tree really represent a true Biblical Angel?

I'm not going to teach a complete study of angels, I will only guide you to the best factual and Biblically true book you will find on angels, second only to the Bible, of course. It is full of information for you who may be interested in angels and is called, "The Angel of the Lord". It is written by Laurence M. Vance and can be obtained from

There are tremendous misunderstandings and misteachings in regards to angels. Really all folks would have to do to learn about angels would be to read the 297 times the word angel is used in the Bible in 283 verses.

Even though a classification and characterization of angels is found throughout the Scripture, often times no further description is given other than the bare mention of an angel - or angels. God would have us just find, read & then study the facts from the Scriptures and let the Holy Spirit be our interpreter and instructor.

Here are a few "misconceptions" about angels:
1) The name angel is a generic name for all members of the heavenly host.
2) The word angel is assigned to the lowest rank in the descending scale of spiritual creatures.
3) Angels bring prayers of men to before God.
4) Angels punish people.
5) Angels celebrate with the church on earth the feasts of Christendom.
6) Every human being has a good and bad angel.
7) The 'angels' in Revelation 2,3 are referring to 'pastors' of that particular church.

· Today, the appearances of angels range from that of a long haired, effeminate winged creature with a halo to that of an extraterrestrial alien designed by some demonically inspired movie producer.

· Angels are found annually on Christmas cards and on Valentine cards where they assume the form of Cupid. The word angel is used as a female name (and on occasion as a male name as well).

· To be the epitome of innocence and decency is to be 'an angel' - "My perfect little angel!"

· The term is found throughout society - from Los Angeles to Angel Falls in Venezuela and from angel food cake to angel dust, from angelica wine and trees to angelfish in the oceans.

· Angels are suppose to symbolize and control all facets of life including the days of the week, months of the year, weather, four seasons, hours of the day and night and phases of the moon.

· There are said to be angels of confusion, compassion and corruption.

· Some people think they become an angel when they die: in other words, glorified human beings. (What a convenient way to escape their judgment!)

· Most folks appear to be willing and actually anxious to believe that any angel from heaven today is sent from God.

If folks would just trust the final authority of the Bible in regards to angels, they would not be confused, deceived or led astray.

Let's look at some Biblical facts about Angels!

The origin of angels is not difficult to discover - God created them. Job 38:4,7.

Their purpose is to either serve God, worship God or bring God pleasure. (Psalm 103:20; Psalm 148:2; Revelation 4:11).

The number of the angels can be described as both established and innumerable. It is settled because direct creation has ceased (Genesis 2:1-3) and angels do not procreate (Matthew 22:30). Even though angels are described as a 'multitude' (Luke 1:13) and an 'innumerable company' (Hebrews 12:22), when they are numbered, they are numbered in the 'thousands'. (Psalm 68:17; Revelation 5:11). (In fact, in the fourteenth century, some fixed the number at 301,655,722. Typical empty attempt by scholars)

The number of angels is immeasurable because it is implied that there is one angel for each man (Matthew 18:10), angels are associated with stars (Revelation 1:20), of which is always suggested that they are innumerable (Genesis 15:5; 22:17; Deuteronomy 1:10), and yet God does know their exact number (Psalms 147:4).

The Lord Jesus Christ maintained that He could get the assistance of twelve legions of angels (Matthew 26:53).

Of all the angels mentioned in the Bible, only two are named: Gabriel and Michael. Forget about Raphael (guardian of human spirits) & Uriel (guardian of the underworld) along with Phanuel, Raguel, Saraquel, Remiel, Sandalphon and Ridya as they are NOT among the angels of God supposedly headed up by the supreme angel Metatron.

The angels have a captain (Joshua 5:15) - the captain of the Lord's host. (The term host is also applied in a general fashion to the ministers of God, which may or may not be limited to the angels.) (Psalm 103:20-21).

There is an unseen spirit world over which God (Psalm 103:19) and the Devil (Matthew 12:26) rule. The point here is that, although there are various beings mentioned in this spirit world, they are not all angels. Angels are angels.

The cherubim are 4 in number (Ezekiel 1:5), have four wings (Isaiah 37:16), and God dwells between them(Isaiah 37:16), yet they are frequently and incorrectly denominated as angels.

The seraphims who are only mentioned once and are described in the Bible as having six wings and standing above the throne of God (Isaiah 6:2), are alsoincorrectlydesignated as angels.

Although Satan was originally a cherub(Ezekiel 28:14) and can only transform himself into an angel of light (II Corinthians 11:14), he also is mistakenly called an angel, the highest angel and a son of God made in God's image.

There are two beings that would look just like what most people think are angels and they are inZechariah 5:7-9  And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.  And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.

Well, well ... we have here two wicked devils that are the very image of the little Christmas tree ornaments and all the other images that today people think are angels. Every angel you see on TV or in a magazene is a long haired usually blond with "Stork wings". Since Satan is the "god of this world", 2 Corinthians 4:4  In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, ..... then he will certainly make sure that when his angels do show up, everyone will think they are God's Angels.

Other spiritual beings that are typical labeled angels are watchers (Dan 4:17), sons of the mighty (Psalm 89:6), horses and chariots of fire (II Kings 6:17), holy ones (Daniel 4:17), the four beasts and the assembly of the saints (Psalms 89:7). These designations are commonly applied to what is termed good angels; other descriptions of spirit beings are likewise considered as evil angels include thrones and dominions (Colossians 1:16), principalities and powers (Ephesians 3:10), rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) authority and power (I Corinthians 15:24). And even some of those terms are applied to 'good angels'.

The abode of the angels, since they continually serve and worship God, is always in heaven. They are said to be in heaven (Matthew 18:10, 22:30; Revelation 14:17) and of heaven (Matthew 24:36). They fly in and through the midst of heaven (Revelation 8:13, 14:6) to the earth (Genesis 28:12) and back to heaven (Luke 2:15).

The initial state of the angels, considering the nature of God and the examples in the account of the creation of the earth (Genesis 1:10,12,18,21,25,31) would have had to be good and just. Yet, when Satan fell (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28), some of the angels apparently fell with him, for the Lord Jesus Christ recognized that the devil has his angels. (Matthew 25:41)

Angels are described as spirits (Psalm 104:4) or more specifically ministering spirits (Hebrews 1:14).

They are inferior to Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:4), although he was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death (Hebrews 2:9) but on a higher level than man (Psalm 8:5). Therefore, they could not have been created in the image and likeness of God as was man.

The Bible describes them as a flaming fire (Psalm 104:4).

They have the ability to appear to men in a dream (Matthew 2:19)

The fact that they are immortal (Luke 20:36), angels have on occasion been objects of worship (Colossians 2:18; Revelation 22:8).

As they are spiritual in nature, their tangible constitution is such that some have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13:2). This is because angels are said to be men. (Daniel 9:21; Revelation 21:17; Luke 24:23; John 20:12; Luke 1:29; Daniel 10:18; Acts 10:3,30; Acts 1:10; Genesis 19:1; Genesis 18:16, 19:4-5,10,12).

Although angels do not have flesh and blood (Hebrews 2:14), they have hands (Revelation 8:4) and a face (Acts 6:15). They spoke to men (Zechariah 2:3; Revelation 21:9), were understood and spoke to God as well (Revelation 16:5).

They also have some sort of language all their own (I Corinthians 10:1).

The manna eaten by the children of Israel is identified as angels food (Psalm 78:25).

When angels appear, their garments were always white. (Mark 16:5; John 20:12; Acts 1:10; Revelation 15:6).

Angels are also said to have glory but never a halo (Revelation 18:1) and their voice was mistaken for thunder in John 12:29.

Twice, angels are associated with wisdom: (II Samuel 14:17,20) and are considered good and virtuous: (I Samuel 29:9; 19:27).

Angels are strong (Revelation 5:2) and are mighty (II Thessalonians 1:7; Revelation 18:21). The angels are said to excel in strength (Psalm 103:20), have great power (Revelation 18:1) and be greater in power and might (II Peter 2:11).

One angel will bind Satan for a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit (Revelation 20:1,2).

Angels can fly (Revelation 8:13, 14:6), but they do not have wings; nor would they need them, considering that angels can go to the sun without them (Revelation 19:17).

A single angel can also speak from the heavens and be heard on the earth (Revelation 8:13, 19:17).

Angels can also exercise power over the elements (Revelation 7:1) and smite men with blindness (Genesis 19:11).

Angels are God's ministers (Psalm 104:4), doing his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word (Psalm 103:20) and are aware of men's activities: (Luke 15:10, I Corinthians 4:9; I Timothy 5:21).

Angels have a strong desire to look further into spiritual things (I Peter 1:12).

It also appears that children do have a guardian angel (Matthew 18:10) but certainly not like we imagine it in our own earthly minds.

The work of angels can be divided into three categories, each of which displays the relationship with God, Jesus Christ and man. (Luke 1:19; Revelation 8:2; Revelation 7:2; Revelation 16:5,7)

The angels were connected with the ministry of Jesus Christ. His birth was announced by Gabriel (Luke 1:26-38). An angel instructed Joseph concerning the Lord after his birth (Matthew 2:19). During his ministry, he was seen of angels (I Timothy 3:16) and was tended to by them (Matthew 4:11; Luke 22:43; John 1:51; Matthew 26:53).

An angel testified on Christ's behalf (Revelation 1:1, 22:16), and another revealed his resurrection(Luke 24:4-6).

An angel or angels also intervened in the affairs of men at various times. Angels were said to have spoken to men. (I Kings 13:18; John 12:29; Acts 23:9)

Angels render either good (Psalm 91:11) or evil (Psalm 78:49) to individuals depending on what they deserve. A single angel conversed with Zechariah (Zechariah 1:9), another troubled the water (John 5:4) at the pool of Bethesda, and another warned Cornelius (Acts 10:3,22).

The future will witness a revival in the work of angels. The judgments in the Tribulation will be delivered by angels(Revelation 8:5-12, 9:1,13-15; 11:15, 14:15-19, 15:1).

A new gospel will be preached in Revelation 14.

God's angels will someday fight against Satan's angels (Revelation 12:7). Finally, twelve angels will be at the gates of new Jerusalem (Revelation 2:12).

The destiny of angels is not covered too deeply in the Bible - there are two classes of angels, however, that await a bitter end.The first are associated with the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41; Revelation 12:7,9; Revelation 12:7; Revelation 12:4,9) The second group of angels awaiting their final dwelling place have not just already fallen, they are secured: (II Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6).

This explains the peculiar reference by Paul that Christians shall in the future judge angels. (I Corinthians 6:3).

It should be reminded that hell was originally prepared for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41) and so any sinner who goes there will be an eternally unwelcomed prisoner.

Well, there you have it - a few Biblical facts regarding angels. There are more, but that should do for now. Get the book from brother Vance.

Let's look even closer at angels, now. Note that an angel is MORE than just a messenger, as many believe. A messenger only defines one of the meanings of the word angel. An angel is an 'appearance'. He is an appearance whether he carries a message or not. To make the word angel apply only to a messenger is to shortchange the word of God. There is an angel inLuke 4 that is not a messenger: he is a helper. There is an angel in Daniel 12that is not a messenger: he is a fighter. There is a group of angels in Matthew 24 that comes at the Second Coming fo Jesus Christ. They are not messengers: they are witnesses.

This definition will fit EVERY verse in the Bible while the definition of messenger will not fit them all. Although some angels may carry messages and be messengers, angels are NOT primarily messengers. They are appearances. So, when you consider that an angel is an "appearance", then an "Angel of God" is an appearance of God, right? So the "angel of the Lord" is the appearance of the Lord.

With that in mind, let's consider back to Matthew 18:10 which says, Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. It is not their messengers that do always behold the face of the Father which is in heaven; it is their appearances.

Consider the great truth found in Daniel 9-11 which teaches that everything on this earth has an appearance in the third heaven. The statement about the little children in Matthew 18:10 was not that "their guardian angel takes care of them on this earth," rather that their angel is up there in heaven where God can look at him. The statement is that everything on this earth has a representative in heaven. In other words, it appears that our children have an angel in heaven to represent them, and this angel is a male as the other angels of Scripture are, like Christ (Philippians 3:20-21; I John 3:1-3 and Matthew 22:30). We believe it because that is what the Scriptures say, not what some Christian celebrity thinks!

Let's look at a few cults that "evil angels" have started in modern Christianity

When one looks at history we find many major religion's that have been started from angelic visitations and messages. The Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism, Islam and almost anything new is no exception to this. The whole New Age movement receives their information from Spirit guides through channeling and automatic writing.

William Branham

William Branham at the early age of three and seven had an angel appear to him. In a cave in 1946 this angel appeared and stayed with him giving him the power to discern peoples thoughts and illnesses. In his services he would wait for the angels presence before he could start the meetings. Branham taught denominationalism is the mark of the beast and all denominations would be under the world council of church's by 1977. Branham later proclaimed himself to be the angel of Revelation 3:14, 10:7. Today there is still about 10,000 Branhamites following his teaching after his death. Those who were influenced when he was alive were W.V. Grant, A..A. Allen, O.L. Jaggers, Paul Cain who was a disciple, and Oral Roberts. Many of today's healing evangelists point back to him as a mentor and influence such as Hinn, Copeland and Hagin and other Word faith movement practitioners.

Angels have always been involved in bringing revelation to mankind. They have also been involved in bringing false information. It all depends on which spirit you have made contact with. Check it out in I John 4:1-3.


All these and other religions have communion with spirits or angels for their extra-biblical books. From them they are given new revelation or a new interpretation on the Bible. Can the same angel say two different things on the same subject and they both be true? Obviously not, yet this is exactly what Islam claims has transpired in the Koran. They believe the Koran was verbally dictated by the angel Gabriel (who they claim is the Holy Spirit) based on eternal tablets that are in heaven. So naturally if there is a conflict it must be in the Bible & not their own book. However there something else operating here that proves it is not the angel Gabriel as they claim. In their own suras (chapter's) it states that God's word cannot change so if an angel several hundreds of years later comes with a different story, which one are we suppose to believe? Take for example, in the Bible the angel Gabriel's announcement of the Christ to Mary, she is told he would be called the Son of God (which means having the same nature as God) Luke 1:35 also in Matthew 1:23 he would be called "Emmanuel", God with us. This is allegedly the same angel that told Mohammed that God has no Son, and that God is unable to incarnate as a man which is the ultimate blasphemy for a Muslim. Obviously these are two contradictory accounts of a major doctrine, the incarnation and his eternal nature. How can God be the author of both accounts. How can the angel Gabriel give differing revelations several hundred years apart. Isaiah 7:14 in the O.T. and that God has a son is mentioned in other books (Psalms, Zechariah, Daniel). The promise of the savior becoming man is the theme starting from Genesis 3:15, so the Angel Gabriel is challenging the former revelation he gave or maybe he is not the same angel!

7th Day Adventist

Ellen G. White of the 7th Day Adventist movement was in touch with an "accompanying angel' (Present Truth, pp. 21-22, 1849) who revealed to her the hidden truths of the bible. On June 27, 1850, her accompanying angel said, the "time is almost finished .... that the last 7 plagues were going to be poured out before the rapture.." (Early Writings, p. 64)

Numerous other so called Christian churches some significant some not have revelation given by these spirits. Such as Moses Berg and the children of God received some their teaching from contact of spirit guides and angels.

The Mormons

Take for example in Mormonism, they teach that all souls preexisted as angels (spirit children, including Jesus ) that incarnate on earth (much like Hinduism but more cosmic with a dash of Christianity.) It is these that have a opportunity to progress to become Gods over their own planets by obeying the gospel of Moroni and the ordinances of the church. They believe that Michael the arch angel is the ancient of days became Adam, the first man on earth. Yet in their earlier writings Adam was God(Lorenso snow said "Adam is the only God to which we have to do"). If Michael is Adam then when he fell into sin, he became like all the angels that followed the devil and is actually an enemy of god. To the Mormons Adam fell upward not backward, it was a blessing not a curse, making Godhood available to all. They believe Noah is the arch angel Gabriel (J. Smith taught this) he is next to Adam in the priesthood. (church news Mar. 12 1994) Luke says it was Gabriel that appeared to Mary and Zecharias. (D & C 27:7) So according to Mormonism, Noah come back from the dead and visit him? This is no surprise since they also state that John the Baptist actually showed up and baptized Joseph Smith personally. That Peter and James came and personally bestowed the Melchezedek priesthood on him. Mormons claim the Jesus that died for them is an angel, the Spirit brother of Lucifer a fallen angel. It is this Jesus that the Mormons worship and hear from. They also believe that we all were spirit children of Elohim, angels in our preexistent life in heaven, spirit brothers of Jesus. While the Mormons promote the idea of our becoming Gods nothing could be further from what the God of the Bible has to say he knows of no other (Isaiah 42:5, 43:10, 44:24, 45:5, 12). The only angel the Bible writes about that wanted to become as God is Satan. It was not Michael who first had the opportunity to become as God. We are also told specifically not to worship angels in Colossians 2:18. So if the Jesus they are worshipping is an angel they are in serious error. In Hebrews 1:6 God tells all the angels in heaven to worship his son. Does God have angels worship an angel ? Unfortunately this is no different than the Mormon theology of worshipping the God who was once a man.

The appearance of an angel can be awesome and cause fear. John The apostle mistakenly falls down to worship one as recorded in Revelation 22: 8-9 he is told not to do that, but to worship God only. Mormons worship a God who was a man, who previously before that was an angel (Spirit child as they like to put it) in either case it is idolatry. Since they are not worshipping the eternal creator but a mere creature. An angel who incarnated becomes a man and if he obeys he will go from a man to eventually a god over their own planet much like this one.

Jehovah Witnesses

Likewise Jehovah Witnesses say Michael the Archangel is no other than the only begotten son of God, now Jesus Christ. That Jehovah directly created only one thing, Michael the arch angel and that Michael created all other things (United in Worship p.29) It is this same Michael that became flesh and died for the sins of the J. W. 's. He was disintegrated after he died and then copied and raised in spirit again as Michael.This Michael / Jesus came back in 1874 invisibly and then came to the Watchtower headquarters - in 1914 to inspect Jehovah's organization to see if everything is running right. While the Watch Tower has said there is to be no spirit communication - ""the remnant cannot see these agents or ambassadors of the Lord and can have no direct or audible communication with them (W.T. Sept.1,1932 p.236). They seem to change their mind when it seems fit. `The good news of their earthly kingdom is under angelic direction and support" (W.T April,1 1972 p.200) "It was a message of the Lord sent through his invisible angels, because without a doubt these are clothed with authority to direct the course of earthly members of Gods organization. (Light vol. 1 1930 p.106) Speaking of the angels "No doubt they first hear the instruction which the Lord issues to his remnant and then these invisible messengers pass on such instruction on to the remnant."
That does not mean that those who prepare the manuscript for the Watchtower are inspired, but rather it means that the Lord through his angels sees to it that the information is given to his people in due time." There are many more quotes that can be supportive in this angelic treadmill from God to angels to the watchtower. (Riches 1936 p.316) The Bible commands us to not seek after spirits (Deuteronomy 18) but to hear from his son only, Hebrews 1:1. While God has used angels to bring messages to mankind and Israel this is not a normative way to have a relationship with him. We do not communicate with angels for our revelation. It is through Gods Son that the Father is made known and understood he is the final revelation to all.

F.W. Franz during his Scotland trial was asked this question (p.39-40) by the attorney "is there any unique element in association between the belief in the existence of the various ranks of angels and their activities in relation to J.W .'s" Franz states "well we believe that the angels of God are used in directing J.W.'s." Here we find them breaking their own rulings and the Bibles of having no communication - with spirits. This fact is blatantly clear when they used Grebers Translation of John 1:1 "a god". Greber and his wife were spirit mediums who received this translation by the words passing before his eyes. The W.T supported him as a scholar with running a full page in their Feb.15 1956 W.T. and quoted his translation in 1962 p.5 9/15 1962, The Word p.554, Make Sure of All Things p.489 1965, Aid to Bible Understanding 1969, the Word p.1134 &1669, Even as late as W.T. p.640 8/15 1975 they quoted him knowing his trafficking in the Occult.
The Jesus of the Watchtower is an angel yet they receive revelation not only from him but other angels (whatever their secret names may be). What is even more confounding is their current opinion on who Jesus is. In 1917 they held a closer to orthodox view, That Apollyon in Revelation 9:11 was the destroyer whose name is Satan (Finished Mystery C.H. Russell). However in the Watchtower May, 1 1992 it said "A plague of locusts, sent forth by Jehovah under a king, the angel of the abyss " who is none other than Jesus Christ. His names Abaddon (Hebrew) and Apollyon (Greek) mean destruction and destroyer. These locusts picture the anointed remnant of Christians who, now in the Lord's day, go forth to devastate Christendom's pastures by completely exposing false religion and proclaiming Jehovah's vengeance upon it". We find that it is the "remaining anointed Christians are reinforced by more than 4 million "other sheep" together making up an irresistible Calvary. !" (Shades of Joel's army of the Vineyard !)
This means the J.W.'s are admitting they're following the angel of the abyss who has deceived them to fight against the Christian church. Despite the fact that they once believed Apollyon was Satan he is now currently Jesus, the angel of the Abyss. Once again the light is getting dimmer instead of brighter. Of course this would only make sense if the light bearer is Lucifer who is bringing it in the first place.

How about one more vision - this one with Catholic results (and they have many many visions). It is said that in 708 A.D. the Bishop of Avranches, St. Aubert, had three dreams in which Mont St. Michel appeared to him, in which a huge and impregnable fortress would be built as a monkeystory (monastery).


We have seen many details about the TRUTH regarding Angels & we have also seen the modern lies brought to us by Angels.

· We have seen that Angels are basically appearances (Acts 7:30, 32; Genesis 32:39; Judges 13:1-20).
· We know that whenever Angels are spoken of, they are spoken of as a MALE (Genesis 32,19; Judges 13; Luke 24; Acts 1; John 20; Revelation 21:17)
· Angels are in heaven in the presence of God (Luke 15:7, 10; Matthew 16:27; I Timothy 5:21).
· Many of them left this "estate" to come to earth (Jude 6; II Peter 2:3,4; Genesis 6:1-6; Job 38)
· Many more will appear in the next fifty years as "men from outerspace" (Job 1-2,38; Genesis 6:1-6; Luke 17:26-30; Revelation 12:4-13; Acts 14:11-13).

Now - let's consider one more place in our Bible. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.II Corinthians 11:13-15

As stated that angels are an appearance, then an "angel of light" is an appearance of light. So, those angels that are being seen today - they are actually of the devil imitating the Light!

Their ministers/prophets/teachers/pastors, etc. are imitating & are bringing a false light to their pulpits. And people are falling for it everywhere!
Revelation 16:13,14; Matthew 24:23,24; II Thessalonians 2:9,10 All in preparation for Revelation 4-19, especially chapter 6!