Brigadier General
Chief Stand Watie
Many brave warriors from the Native American Nations in "Indian Territory"
allied themselves with the Confederate cause, the major units were:

      Cherokee Nation
      First Cherokee Mounted Rifles
      First Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
      Second Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
      Cherokee Regiment (Special Services), CSA
      Third Cherokee Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry
      First Cherokee Battalion of Partisan Rangers
      First Squadron of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
      Cherokee Special Services Battalion
      Scales' Battalion of Cherokee Cavalry
      Meyer's Battalion of Cherokee Cavalry
      Cherokee Battalion of Infantry
      Second Cherokee Artillery

     Creek Nation
      First Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers
      Second Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers
      First Battalion Creek Confederate Cavalry

      Seminole Nation
      First Battalion Seminole Mounted Volunteers
      First Regiment Seminole Mounted Volunteers

     Chickasaw Nation
      First Regiment of Chickasaw Infantry
      First Regiment of Chickasaw Cavalry
      First Battalion of Chickasaw Cavalry
      Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion of Mounted Volunteers

     Choctaw Nation
      First Regiment Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
      First Regiment of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
      Deneale's Regiment of Choctaw Warriors
      Second Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
      Third Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
      Folsom's Battalion of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
      Capt. John Wilkin's Company of Choctaw Infantry

      Northwest Frontier Command of Indian Territory
      Col. Roswell W. Lee, Commanding
      First Osage Battalion
      Major George Washington's Frontier Battalion
      Major James W. Cooper's Battalion

The last Confederate commanding officer (ground units) to surrender his unit was
Maj George Washington on or about A.D. 1865, July 16th.

I feel that in addition to the 13 stars representing the  states of the Confederacy,
a special emblem should be attached to the Battle Flag to honour these soldiers.